“I Do What I Do”

I Do What I Do 

“Well, take off your coat and start warming your hands 

because cold hands on my body make me shiver. 

It seems like winter, I left the heater on overnight. 

And it rains, I don’t like that either. 

Be a sweetie, don’t you want to stay a little longer? 

Then you just give me another hundred. 

Don’t worry, I’m not like those women 

Who promise a lot and do nothing 

That’s not my style.” 


“I do what I do 

And don’t ask me why 

I do what I do 

And maybe that’s stupid 

But I don’t ask you 

Why you’re doing it here, and not with your wife 

Come on! We do what we do.” 


“The other day I paid a trip for my mother 

Otherwise she would never have seen her own daughter 

Who went to Canada ten years ago, to stay there for life 

I like to see that pour soul happy 

And I went to buy clothes for my little sister 

She’s only twelve, that little girl 

I hope she won’t fall for it, like me 

Cause fellows are nothing but trouble.” 


“No, it’s not busy, you’re the second today 

You know, the end of the month, always quiet. 

But I’ve had enough for today 

Surely if you want something special 

What will it be? French, or watching pictures?  

Come on, be a good boy, or are you skinned already? 

Well, come here, and enjoy yourself for once.” 

This is my translation of a Dutch song, “Ik doe wat ik doe”, sung by Astrid Nijgh, written by her husband Lennaert Nijgh in 1973. The lyrics where inspired by a conversation Astrid and Lennaert had with a prostitute from Amsterdam.  

The song reached nr 6 in the Dutch Top 40 charts, and Astrid became famous overnight, she became the figure head of the gay community, and it became a song to fight wide spread hypocrisy, and stimulate tolerance. 

The song is still very popular in the Netherlands.


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