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I’m Jack Vanderwyk, I was born in 1951, and my nationality is Dutch. I live in Nice, France, and in St Leonards-on-Sea, U.K. I started my professional career when I was 15, as a ship’s chef. Then I studied political science in Moscow (Patrice Lumumba University), worked in Northern Ireland and South Africa as a political adviser, managed a bar in the Amsterdam Red Light District for two years, went back to sea as a head chef on a traditional tall ship with 75 passengers and 65 crew, ended up in New York, where I lived in the Chelsea Hotel for a couple of weeks, until I ran out of money and had to find a job, which was social worker for serious heroin addicts in Harlem. Back in Holland I became a probation officer for the same group of addicts in Amsterdam and I founded and managed several walk-in centres throughout the country. After that intensive period of my life I tried to slow down and translated and edited 74 non-fiction books (English to Dutch) in my Dutch name, Jaap van der Wijk. I also was a breeder of Labrador Retrievers for more than 10 years, with my kennel Joe Batt’s Arm, and I was the founder of LabradorNet, which I still own. After my retirement I picked up painting once more (my favorites are portraits) and recently I started to write about my years in the Amsterdam Red Light District, which is interconnected with the Amsterdam gangland. I write both fact and fiction.

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    Hello Jack
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  2. Hi Jack,

    I have just come across your story….facinating stuff. The movie they are about to make with Anthony Hopkins does it include the up to date version of the new story that broke in Andorra?

  3. Jack I lived in Amsterdam Zeedijk in 1981 number 15 right on the junction. I was the only one I think paid rent to Fanny and Riks I think it was. Stayed on the top floor and witnessed many a thing even the cops setting up cameras as I was on top floor with the shutters and hook outside. It was a condemned building then and crazy. The street was just mental 24 hours a day with a café on the left and right coming out the front door. I have spoken many a time over the years of living then in the Zeedijk with friends and have travelled a lot in my time but that was just mental. Luckily I was not a junkie but liked a drink and a smoke. I wonder but doubt it that Mike on the bottom floor was still alive. There were grenades and machine guns for sale there too as well as drugs. My boss (older Dutchman knew about the street) came to visit and never got to the front door. Shit himself. I used to watch the cops from the top widow come into the street 6 at a time and kick cans and empty cigarete packets just showing a gesture of control but it was out of control. I had experience of tripping on acid there and being a young guy just took it all in. My local bar then was the Flying Dutchman on the other side just out of reach. I have been back to the city since then and it is really good to see the change and how nice it is and my old front door looks so posh. Good on you and all the people it must have taken to return the Zeedijk to what it is now. The Dutch were good to me and the cops must have a record as they came in to the flat hahaha (bird hut) and took my details. They even said then what are you doing here as I worked full time with Albert Hein. Computers make it possible now to recall and maybe get a response. Anyway take care.

  4. my pal Gerry and ex wife whom I am still friends will collaborate anything I say as they were there and witnessed the same but not all as we had it in turns watching the goings on of the Zeedijk. I watched a guy with a long fur coat (he was there every morning and asking to speak to me but I was too busy going to work) he searched a young black guy then pulled out a machete and hit him full on the head with it. The guy just held his head and ran a couple of meters and got hit again. He was on his knees but the big shite with the coat just put the machete in his back belt pulling the coat back as if normal and casually went back to his dealing corner. Riks and Fanny I used to go pay rent in the topless bars they had around the area. Good Dutchman Bert had the Flying Dutchman and eventually Terry the Scotsman had it. Not seen him in a while if you know him tell him I was asking and get in touch. Stories of Zeedijk I don’t hear from many folks and I am glad I looked it up. Take care Jack

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