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Gangster’s Daughter Kidnapped in Amsterdam

On Saturday night  9 July 2011, just before midnight, Alida van Dam (57), daughter of drugs dealer and gangster Gijs van Dam Sr., was kidnapped from her home in the Rijswijkstraat in Amsterdam-West. She was taken to a place outside Amsterdam, where she was set … Continue reading

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War On Drugs was a Failure — Reforms of Drugs Prohibition Regime Needed

The War on Drugs is an extremely controversial campaign of prohibition and foreign military aid and military intervention being undertaken by the United States government, with the official or unofficial assistance of participating countries like The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and … Continue reading

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Yab Yum To Open Again and Spread Over The World

On June 30, 2011, Chris Kraijpoel bought the club Yab Yum, the brand and the website for €4 million, while the actual value is estimated over €9 million. Kraijpoel desperately needs a general manager, as he is not allowed to manage the … Continue reading

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Tackling organized crime in the Amsterdam Red Light District

  This is my translation of a joint press release from the city of Amsterdam, the district center, the Amsterdam-Amstelland Police, the Public Ministry, the Ministry of Security and Justice, the WODC and the Amsterdam Tax Services, which was published yesterday, … Continue reading

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Hookers, booze, and drugs

Guidelines for men visiting prostitutes in the Amsterdam Red Light District  In the Red Light District no-one sees moral restraints in using services of a sex worker. I you see a girl behind a “designated” window, and you might want … Continue reading

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Drugs on the Head of the Zeedijk

Let’s face it, if the heroin trade wouldn’t have caused so much nuisance to local businesses, the Ministry of Justice would never have invested all these millions into easily accessible social services. Actually, politicians didn’t want to help heroin addicts, … Continue reading

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Chinatown and the Drug Scene

It was Police Commissioner Gerard Toorenaar who advocated the idea of tolerating drugs and prostitution, instead of forbidding them, because if you tolerated these phenomenons you would be able to control them.   In 1911 the Steam Society Netherlands recruited in secret … Continue reading

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